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Finding art with a heart - ArtPharmacy

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The new beer in town caught our eye with its unique muted tone label design. 

I’ve recently been on the hunt for artwork for my home. I wanted something special - something more than just a print and specifically, something that represents Inner West, which is where my family and I live. Like everyone these days. I went digging on the internet for Inner West artists and it made me feel incredibly lucky to live in an area with so many creative talents.

The challenge though of this luck, is that the abundance of choice can make decision making quite hard to make. Which is why I was so glad to find ArtPharmacy, an art and culture agency, founded by Emilya Colliver, who has a long history with the art world. What started as a business in her kitchen and independent pop - up stores around Sydney is now an important storyteller of Australian art and culture.

ArtPharmacy's work spans across multiple areas from art strategy to corporate clients and public services, to facilitating commissions of art pieces. But what caught my eye was the online store where they curate art by Australian arts.

ArtPharmacy's philosophy is all about making art more accessible and enable people to feel like they could buy a piece without feeling intimidated. What I liked most is the space they give to each artists - each page they dedicate to the artists tells their story and gives me more context to their art.

So whilst I continue to search for a piece for my home, I know I'm on step closer to finding it because of ArtPharmacy, and to having a piece of Australia on the walls of my new home.

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